Using OpenStack After Kolla Ansible Deployment

Ach.Chusnul Chikam
3 min readDec 24, 2023

1. Install the OpenStack CLI client

pip3 install python-openstackclient -c

2. OpenStack requires a clouds.yaml file where credentials for the admin user are set. To generate this file:

kolla-ansible -i multinode post-deploy -vvv


The file will be generated in /etc/kolla/clouds.yaml, you can use it by copying it to /etc/openstack or ~/.config/openstack, or by setting the OS_CLIENT_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

3. Verify OpenStack cluster, see everything is great and check Ceph Cluster was integrated with OpenStack

source ~/kolla-venv/bin/activate; source /etc/kolla/
openstack endpoint list
openstack service list; openstack compute service list; openstack network agent list
openstack volume service list; cinder get-pools

4. Depending on how you installed Kolla Ansible, there is a script that will create openstack resources like networks, images, router, flavor, keypair and so on.


You are free to use the following init-runonce script for demo purposes but note it does not have to be run in order to use your cloud. Depending on your customisations, it may not work, or it may conflict with the resources you want to create. You have been warned.


The output should be like this

Create Image
Create router
Create Tenant Network
Create Tenant Subnet
Create External Network
Create External Subnet
Create Security Group rule ICMP
Create Security Group rule SSH
Create Keypair
Create Flavor
Create another Flavor
Script Done, the we got next command to create Instance using Volume
openstack volume create \
--image cirros \
--size 3 \

sleep 20

openstack server create \
--volume boot-cirros \
--flavor m1.tiny \
--key-name mykey \
--network demo-net \
Create Volume Bootable
Create Instance

Below is network topology from our OpenStack resource

Access console instance and test connection to internet

5. Look at Ceph Cluster so we can verify that image and volumes are store there.

ceph df 

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